3D Rendering

During our first meeting, we will discuss the vision and key elements you would like to have included in your Outdoor Living Space. Based on your feedback, our design team will be able to merge your desires and our ideas in a more realistic vision of the end result by presenting you with a 3D rendering. The complete vision will also allow you to achieve your master plan in phases, if necessary. Choosing the right installer and creating a grand plan to follow is key to avoid unnecessary expenses, and some costly consequences due to the lack of a master plan, and it also lessens problems in terms of unmet expectations. Don’t stress yourself trying to figure out all the details, leave it to one of our experienced designers to guide you through this process, creating your outdoor kitchen and outdoor entertaining oasis with your budget and your personality in mind.


  • provides a complete visualization of the proposed vision of your space;
  • ability to view the project from many different angles;
  • provides a detailed visual of how the complete project will look like, allowing the client to make changes before it is built;
  • extremely important tool when planning your project, defining phases, and the design process;
  • possibility to apply different materials, colors and textures;
  • while providing a realistic vision, we can add landscape and low voltage lighting for additional depth and another touch of reality;
  • complete your outdoor living space by adding the beauty and comfort of outdoor furniture;
  • regulatory boards and authorities can also approve permits and plans for the proposed project.