Grill Brands

The grill is the most important component of an outdoor kitchen.  When selecting a grill for an outdoor kitchen, unlike the basic grills you’ve purchased in the past, you should consider the quality and warranty.  The premium grill heads are designed to be built into a specific width opening in your island.

A few important features to consider:

Grill Size : Most built-in grill heads range from 24″ to 56″ in width. Depending on the overall space you working with, the amount of food you normally cook, and your budget will help you determine the best grill size for you and your family.

Burner: conventional stainless steel U-burner, infrared sear burner, and brass burners to cook on.  Infrared burners get to temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees in roughly one minute which allows for great searing of steaks and chops.  Some infrared sear burners are variable, allowing you to sear a cut of filet mignon like the restaurant, then throttle it back to cook delicate seafood like scallops.

Ceramic Briquettes: Some of the grills offer convection burners with ceramic plates to allow the widest and evenly range of temperatures and cooking options.

Hoods: Double and triple layered stainless steel hoods for heat protection.  Some offer Hood Assist Kit so the hood opens and closes with a feather touch.  Convenient Rotation handle.

Smoker Box: detached or built-in smoker boxes.  Some grills offer a dedicated smoker burner which allows easy cold smoking of cheeses, nuts & much more.  It is a great feature to infuse great flavor into your food with wood chips.

Rotisserie: great option to slow cook a whole chicken or turkey.

Ignition System: Most premium grills come standard with push button electronic ignition for dependable start-up. Hot Surface Ignition System and spark ignition system with battery backup are also available.

Interior Lights: interior halogen lighting for easier cooking at night.   Control Panel Illumination with Blue LEDs are a trade mark of the Lynx & Sedona grills.

Temperature Gauge: hood built-in temperature gauge.

Our Best Seller Grill Brands

These are our best seller grill brands.  If you do not see a brand here you are looking for here, please let us know…