How To Maintain Your Grill

Grilling can be a messy business, but it’s important to care for your grill properly to get the most out of it. Here are some great tips for cleaning your grill – inside and out.

Caring for the Interior of Your Grill

  • Before each cooking session, after the grill has pre-heated, use a stiff stainless steel grill brush to clean the grilling surface. After each cooking session, run the main burners on high with the hood closed for 10 minutes before shutting it down. This will help burn away drippings and residue on the grilling surface and in the hopper.
  • ALWAYS use a stainless steel bristle brush for cleaning your grilling surface. Do not use brushes or scrapers of other metals with the exception of brass. Brass grill brushes will not harm your grilling surface, but we find that stainless steel brushes last much longer and are a better investment.
  • NEVER use steel wool on your cooking surfaces. It will leave small amounts of mild steel behind, embedded into the grain of the stainless steel, and it will cause rust.
  • NEVER use chemicals to clean your grilling surface.
  • It is a good idea to occasionally burn off residue in your grill. Run the grill with the main burnerson high with the hood closed for at least 20-30 minutes. This will burn off accumulated residue and dry everything out. The more you use sauces or grill fatty foods, the more frequently you should do this burn cycle.

Caring for the Exterior of Your Grill

  • The most difficult part of cleaning your grill is removing the burnt-on food and grease. Start by using a citrus-based or organic degreaser to remove everything that isn’t burnt on. Next, we recommend using powdered Bar Keepers Friend with a jersey knit rag. Be careful to follow the grain direction of the stainless steel to avoid scratches. With a little elbow grease, Bar Keepers Friend will remove most stains and discoloration. After these steps, rinse off all cleaners, wait for the grill to dry, and then apply stainless steel polish.

Salt Water Environments

  • Oceanfront environments with salt air and sea spray will require regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent rust. Clean stainless steel surfaces at least two times a month to keep the chemical reaction from the salt from gaining a foothold on your equipment. With regular cleaning, your equipment will look like new for a lifetime. To achieve maximum corrosion and stain resistance, the surface of the stainless steel must be kept clean. Should some rust spots occur, they can be easily removed with Bar Keepers Friend.