Stone Veneer

Real Stone Veneer is the best option to use for your modular outdoor kitchen cabinets facade veneer. From traditional fieldstone to our seamless grout-free ledgestone panels; there are a lot options to choose from…

Stacked Ledgestones

Ledgestone panels are today one of the best options for your veneer choice, from its beauty and streamlined installation of dry-stacked (no grout) stone application.

Thick Veneer

Panels are 24” wide by 6” high – ¾” to 1 ¾” thick.


Thin Veneer

Panels are 24” wide by 6” high – ½” to 1” thick.


It is truly a classic stone style with a rugged appearance. It can be installed separately or in a dry stack style. It is a material presented as a thin veneer, defined by its durability, and large color selection, including hues of creams, rust, brown, amber….


It is a natural stone, occurring naturally in fields and used in its natural form, and as a thin veneer. Its rich texture and large range of colors enhance a multitude of designs.